Jacky Pace

“It comes down to people.”

Jacky Pace
Seed Corn and Grain Grower

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Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

One of the first times I did business with AgDirect was to purchase irrigation equipment. Rate is important, but it really comes down to people. I’ll give up little things if I’m comfortable with the person I’m working with. My AgDirect representative understands my operation and works on my behalf. He sees things the way I do.

What is it like to work with AgDirect?

AgDirect is flexible and fast. I appreciate we can choose the terms or pay a loan off early. When we apply for financing through AgDirect, we get answers back very quickly – usually within the day. I feel like they bend over backwards for us.

What is your business philosophy?

I am very growth oriented. I started from scratch and bought my first 80 acres 10 years ago. My goal has been to buy land and be profitable every year, and so far we have accomplished that goal. When looking to buy land or equipment, I narrow it down to the basic math. If it makes sense, I’m rather aggressive.

I started with a local bank, and when I outgrew the bank’s lending capabilities, I ventured over to Farm Credit because they had good people, a larger line of credit and better rates. Without the people at Farm Credit and AgDirect, I wouldn’t be at the place I am today.

What is the vision for your farm?

I want to continue to grow the farm, specifically owning land. I want to create a family farm my kids can enjoy so they don’t have to start where I did 10 years ago. I want to help guide them the same way people have helped me when making big decisions and growing the farm.

Why did you choose farming as a career?

I grew up on a farm in Louisiana and always really enjoyed it. I went to college, earned a degree in Ag Economics and worked for a major seed company. I moved to Michigan to be near family and started a farm from nothing.

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