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Current Rates

Financed AmountTermFixed RateVariable Rate
$200,000+2–3 years6.75%7.50%
 4 years6.75%7.50%
 5 years6.75%7.50%
 6–7 years6.85%7.50%
$75,000–$199,9992–3 years6.85%7.75%
 4 years6.85%7.75%
 5 years6.85%7.75%
 6–7 years6.95%7.75%
$25,000–$74,9992–3 years6.95%8.00%
 4 years6.95%8.00%
 5 years6.95%8.00%
 6–7 years7.05%8.00%
$5,000–$24,9992–3 years7.25%8.50%
 4 years7.25%8.50%
 5 years7.25%8.50%
 6–7 years7.35%8.50%


Purchase or Refinance

  • New & Used Equipment
  • Not available: Under $5K
  • Under $10K: 2 to 5 year term only


  • New & Used Equipment
  • Not available: Under $10K
  • Not available: Variable rates*

Titled Equipment

  • New & Used Titled Equipment
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Not eligible for leases
  • 2 to 5 year term options

Auction & Private Party

Purchase or Refinance

  • Used Machinery & Titled Equipment
  • Sales price minimum of $25,000
  • Irrigation equipment not eligible
  • Titled equipment is not eligible for leases


Celebrate AgDirect’s 25th with 0.25% off standard lease rates.

  • Just Lease It for new and used equipment - FPO and PRO leases (minimum $25,000 required).

Lock in a low lease payment with AgDirect's special lease residuals.

  • Combine It Program for Combines - PRO and PUT residuals on new and up to 10-year-old (2013 or newer) combines.
  • Plant It Program - FPO, PRO and PUT residuals on new and used planters, drills, air seeders, air carts and toolbars.
  • Spray It Program - FPO, PRO and PUT residuals on new and used sprayers (no floaters).
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Rates effective June 01-30, 2023. *All rates and terms are subject to credit approval. Free fixed-rate lock for 0 to 45 days. Applications not funded within 45 days of application date are subject to rate change. Contact AgDirect® for rate locks greater than 45 days. **Variable rate is based on the Prime Rate plus or minus a fixed spread. This is subject to change as the Prime Rate changes. Variable rate not available for leases.
AgDirect® reserves all rights to cancel or change rates and terms at any time and without notice. Rates outlined herein are for informational purposes only. The final rate for each transaction will be set forth in the financing documents signed by the customer.
DOCUMENTATION FEES: The maximum documentation fee (i.e., origination fee, document fee, processing fee, application fee, closing fee, or similar fee) for each AgDirect® transaction shall be the lesser of $300 or the amount allowed under applicable state law. All such fees for an AgDirect transaction shall be disclosed on the AgDirect financing documents or Farm Credit Leasing Services Corporation (“FCL”) lease documents; AgDirect/Financing Company shall receive up to the first $300 of such fee, and Dealer's share, if any, will equal the remainder of the fee disclosed on the AgDirect financing documents or FCL lease documents.

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Types of Financing

Available for Tractors, Combines, Sprayers and Other Equipment Used in Agriculture.

New Equipment

AgDirect offers highly competitive loan and lease options on new ag equipment. Whether you are looking for a combine or tractor loan, or to finance other farm equipment, we've got you covered.

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Used Equipment

No matter how you buy used farm equipment -- through a dealer, auction, or private party -- AgDirect can help finance it, including two to seven year* terms and delayed payments (up to 15 months*).

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AgDirect is one of the few lenders that offers refinancing on farm equipment loans. Free up working capital and improve your financial position, especially during periods of low interest rates.

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* Subject to approval.

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