John and Carla

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John and Carla
Grain & Beef Producers

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How did you get started in agriculture?

My dad and grandpa farmed, but when I got out of high school we weren’t big enough. I had to work in construction for 10 years to make enough money to start out on my own while working alongside my dad.

What was your experience working with AgDirect?

The nice thing about AgDirect is there weren’t any surprises. It was simple and the application process was really easy. The convenience of AgDirect is one of the top reasons I enjoyed working with them and they had reasonable interest rates.

Would you recommend AgDirect to another producer?

I would definitely recommend AgDirect to another producer mainly because we got along with them so well and the process was painless. 

What’s the vision for the future of your operation?

The vision for the future of our operation is to continue it for the next generation. We currently have third, fourth and fifth generations on our farm. Hopefully the next in line will be able to take it over after I’m gone.

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