Al and Ty

"There’s just an endless amount of options."

Al and Ty
Drago and Horsch Dealers

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Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

Al – One of the biggest benefits is a quick turnaround time – you know there will be a credit decision within 24-hours. And there’s flexibility. You can have an option of a lease; you can do a five-year note; six year note; you can make it a variable rate; you can lock in – you can prepay without penalty. There’s just an endless amount of options. 

What is your philosophy about purchasing equipment?

Al – Generally speaking, our farm doesn’t like term debt at all. I’d just as soon not have any.  But our philosophy is also that these interest rates are not going to stay this low forever, they’re going to go up. And when you're looking at historically low interest rates such as where we were, it made sense to lock it in and take advantage of the financing AgDirect offers. 

How does that philosophy tie in to your farm operation overall?

Ty – When we buy farmland we don’t usually pay cash for 100% of the purchase price, but our goal is to always finance so the payments would be equal to a cash rent payment or less. And then you can’t get yourself in trouble. And as far as equipment, we have a lot of equity on ours, but we do have three pieces financed through AgDirect. We accelerated our purchase schedule compared to what we would normally.

As a younger producer, what drew you back to the farm?

Ty – I think what really drew me back to the farm was a combination of things, but having the opportunity to work with your dad and your grandfather, side-by-side, was something I always looked forward to. 

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