Jess B.

“AgDirect puts money back in my pocket.”

Jess B.
Potato and Wheat Producer

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Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

I started with AgDirect in 2009 after purchasing property. I bought a couple center pivots and financed them through AgDirect. AgDirect was what the manufacturer offered at the time. It was easy and the people were great to work with.

What keeps you coming back to AgDirect?

Since our first experience with AgDirect we’ve updated several pieces of equipment and my choice  would be to use AgDirect for the simplicity and the rates they offer.

AgDirect is always easy to work with. This spring I bought some equipment and the salesman I bought it from asked me how I’d like to finance it. I told him to go through AgDirect. It was mid-morning on a Friday. We got all the paperwork done and the salesman said we’d probably hear back from them Monday or Tuesday. He called me 45 minutes later and said the loan had been approved and we were good to go. It’s a good program all the way around.

How has working with AgDirect benefited the business aspect of your farm?

This spring we bought a new six row, pull-type potato planter with a single-pass hitch on the back. I used AgDirect to make the purchase. Before we bought the planter, our process was to send a tractor out before the planters to mark the rows, then pull two planters in the field and have another tractor follow-up later to cultivate. The new planter allows us to do it all in one pass. Over 500 acres, we cut our fuel usage in half from three gallons per acre to 1.5 gallons per acre, we cut 200 hours of tractor time and did a higher quality job planting. AgDirect helped us make an important and timely purchase for our operation.

Why did you choose farming as a career?

It’s always been interesting to me. I’ve always enjoyed being on equipment and being outside. I don’t think I could sit behind a desk and be happy.  I like to be outside every day and getting to see the direct result of what I’m doing has been a real joy. I like harvesting the crop and knowing I’m feeding people.

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