Gerry W.

“Bottom line, AgDirect is a business decision.”

Gerry W.
Grain and Pork Producer

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Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

When I came back to the farm in the 90s, we bought our first big tractor. We shopped around and AgDirect had the best rate, the terms were what we wanted, and we received good service.

How has working with AgDirect benefited the business aspect of your farm?

AgDirect has helped us buy additional equipment, and provided flexible terms. We are able to add equipment when, where and how we need it. It’s helped us be more efficient because we’re able to get the equipment we need to get the job done in a timely manner. Overall, it has helped make us a more diverse and complete operation.

What advice do you have for young and beginning producers evaluating an equipment purchase?

First, make sure you need what you’re going to purchase. Second, if you’re buying used equipment instead of new, you still have a number of options to finance it. Third, set up terms that work for you. Think about your worst-case scenario, and then set up payment terms appropriately. If you can pay ahead, great, they’ll take your money, but make sure you have enough time to pay off the loan.

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