Chad and Amy

“AgDirect is simple and flexible.”

Chad and Amy
Small Grain, Lentil and Bluegrass Growers

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Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

When we financed a combine in the mid 2000s, we used AgDirect for the first time. They had good rates and took a lot of the paperwork and fine print out. We read two pages of paperwork, signed once on the hood of a pick-up, and we were done.

What is it like to work with AgDirect?

When I call to make payments on the phone, the people are always friendly – it’s almost like I know them. The longest part of the phone call is talking about the weather. Within a few minutes my payment is done, and I didn’t have to put it in the mail, drive anywhere or do anything fancy. Bottom line – it’s simple.

What keeps you coming back to AgDirect?

We try to pay cash for everything we can, but there are times when unforeseen things come up or you need a new piece of machinery for a new venture or operation on the farm. It just makes sense to use AgDirect to help pay for something over a couple of years. Interest is a necessary evil, but it keeps the cash flow open. AgDirect makes it easy to get the financing rounded up. They have flexible terms in that I can tell them when I would prefer to make the payment –  it’s easy to change it or pay early.

How has AgDirect impacted your farm day-to-day?

We get a lot of severe weather and spraying is a timely task. The sprayer is the most important piece of machinery on our farm.

In 2010, I bought my first new sprayer and needed to finance part of the purchase. With AgDirect financing, we were able to get the sprayer when we needed it. I can now spray 900 acres a day and be home to put the kids to bed.

What is the vision for your farm?

My dad started the farm and I joined him in 1996 after college. I want to see the farm prosper so my sons can continue down the road my dad started.

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