Heath and Kasey

"I’ve been very satisfied to this date with what AgDirect has been able to provide me."

Heath and Kasey
Corn, Soybeans and Wheat Producers

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Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

Heath – A lender I respected moved to Farm Credit and told me I would likely get a better deal with AgDirect, and it was true. I’m definitely glad I did that because I’ve been very satisfied to this date with what AgDirect has been able to provide me.

What is your philosophy about purchasing equipment?

Kasey – We do try, for the most part, to have the newest equipment. We work hard to service the equipment we have and do little things from caring for our buildings, the trucks we drive and the land we farm – so we can use them over a longer amount of time. And that’s something we really pride ourselves on as a family – as well as our employees.

Heath – There are pieces of equipment that we have to trade when it starts to get worn out or it’s starting to cost us too much money, affecting our bottom line on.  We’re to the point now where everything that we purchase, as far as parts go, is tracked back to the serial number on the equipment. So, it makes it a lot easier for us to make those decisions when the time comes.

What keeps you at AgDirect?

Heath – The biggest reason for my move to AgDirect was the interest rate. And I would say they are more farmer friendly. They understand ag equipment and we don’t have to explain why we want to purchase it.

What is the vision for your operation?

Kasey – The livelihood for our family is built on this operation. So not only are we trying to gain the knowledge to run the operation, but also make sure we’re succession planning so that both of our parents as well as our grandparents have a retirement. Not only do we have to learn that ag side – the financial side and the business side – but to make sure we take care of the people that gave us this opportunity.

What is your overall financial philosophy?

Heath – I would say our financial philosophy is consistent with what we’ve always done. We definitely try to spend within our means, but we are willing, when it comes to the ground that we farm, to always do a little more. As tenants our responsibility is to make sure – that just like we want our operation to be here for generations – that their land is there to pass on for generations.  Our job to make sure that the soil and things like that are always at their highest growing potential.

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