Joe, Dwayne and Mark

“AgDirect takes care of us.”

Joe, Dwayne and Mark
Beef, Crop and Dairy Producers

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Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

Dwayne – The people at Farm Credit are local – we know and trust them. Our Farm Credit office introduced us to AgDirect so we trusted that it was a good product. We were in need of new silage harvesters and we got the best deal with AgDirect.

Joe – Interest rates are a big deal. When equipment costs what it does, one percent makes a big difference.

How do you evaluate if and/or when an equipment purchase is needed?

Dwayne – Machinery is expensive and we have to justify owning it. We think about how often we will run it, if we have the people to operate it, if we have the know-how to run it, and if we have a dealer that can service it.

Mark – And sometimes we don’t have a choice. If old equipment is giving us too much trouble, we have to upgrade it. Repairs are expensive.

What is your business philosophy?

Dwayne – Make the most with the least amount of money.

Joe – We have a decent shop and tools because we do a lot of mechanical work on our own. Equipment maintenance is a big part of our expenses. We have to be conservative because we don’t know what the future holds for weather or markets.

What is the vision for your farm?

Joe – We want to set up the farm so our kids have a running start at it and maybe don’t have to struggle as hard as we have at times. We are passionate about seeing the farm grow so our kids have the opportunity to raise their families here.

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