Dennis B.

"AgDirect helps me with my cash flow so I can step into newer equipment."

Dennis B.
Grain Producer

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How did you get started in agriculture?

I’ve been farming since the mid-70s. When I was in the army in Vietnam, they were short on agriculture advisors, so I told them about my farm background and how I graduated from Iowa State University in ag. After my military training, I became an agriculture advisor working with local people in the provinces upgrading roosters, sorghum and rice.

How has your operation grown?

I started out 50/50 with another farmer raising crops, hogs and cattle. My dad was too young to retire so it took me a long time to get some extra ground to rent. I eventually purchased land and grew my operation from 400 acres to 1,600 acres.

How did you begin using AgDirect for your equipment financing?

I’ve worked with Farm Credit before, so in a way that’s how I got acquainted with AgDirect. My dealership offers AgDirect financing, among other options, but I continue to work with AgDirect because they’re competitive and easy to work with.

How do you approach making equipment purchase decisions?

Throughout my farming career I’ve tried to keep up with late-model, used equipment so I don’t have to worry about being broken down when I’m ready to go to the field. When there’s a good opportunity to trade to a newer, used model I usually try to jump on that.

What are three words you would use to describe AgDirect financing?

When it comes to AgDirect financing, three words that come to mind are progressive, reputable and honest. 

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