Dan and Tracy

"We're comfortable that we can change quickly if we need to with AgDirect."

Dan and Tracy
Producer and Equipment Dealer

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What makes AgDirect a good fit for your operation?

Dan -- In agriculture, you don’t know what commodity you’re going to be chasing, whether grains, hay, silage or livestock. We need to be versatile and be able to change. We're comfortable that we can change quickly if we need to with AgDirect.

What do you enjoy most about working with AgDirect?

Tracy -- AgDirect is the first place we go to look for financing equipment. They're very flexible, they finance all kinds of different equipment, and it is a great lending institution to work with. I really like how the AgDirect application process is simple, it's online and you usually have an answer within an hour or so. I like how if you ever have a question, you just call them and anybody that answers can help you with your question. They're very helpful, very friendly.

How would you describe how you purchase and manage ag equipment?

Dan -- I buy for the long term, and I buy to have an exit. I always look at how I’m going to buy things, what their value will be down the road, and how they’re going to trade in later. I need to be able to make buying decisions fairly quickly. I'm very diversified in how I buy.

How has working with AgDirect benefited you in how you manage your business?

Dan -- They’re not selective on any of the pieces of equipment that we need to finance. It's been a pleasure to work with AgDirect. They’re just there for you. Applying for a loan takes a matter of minutes. AgDirect is always very prompt and if there are any questions, they call us right away. They’re very clear in their communication and they work with us really well.

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