Jennifer G.

“Having good financial people behind you like AgDirect and Farm Credit is just smart.”

Jennifer G.
Seed Corn and Grain Grower

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What is it like to work with AgDirect?

Doing business with AgDirect is very easy. We can do everything we need over the phone or through the computer. They fund what you need directly to your dealer. It’s simple.

My experience in working with the people at AgDirect has been excellent. Our territory manager helped walk us through a large purchase that included multiple pieces of equipment. He did a fantastic job showing us what we needed to do and how we needed to do it. He went back to AgDirect to get us a better rate after our initial quote because of the size of the loan. It was a very positive experience, and our terrirtory manager was great to work with.

What is your philosophy on ag financing?

We’re very focused on day-to-day operations to save money and make sound financial decisions. I run a tight ship when it comes to office work. I take six months to one year to plan out purchases. I think planning out purchases helps make us successful – if you plan and don’t make snap moves, you are less likely to have problems servicing debt.

We focus on the little things to bring it all together. I don’t want to spend extra money or pay interest if I don’t have to. That said, if we need to buy a new piece of tillage equipment to do the job better and more efficiently, then that’s what we’re going to do. Our philosophy is to make more off of a smaller number of acres.

How has working with AgDirect benefited the business aspect of your farm?

There are definitely benefits to financing equipment. There are certain times you can’t fund the amount of money needed. And as my tax person says, you don’t want to be truly debt-free. You want to have some good debt.

I also look for the best term, the best interest rate and payment that fits me. AgDirect lets us set up payments based on when we are going to get money; that flexibility is key.

Having good financial people behind you like AgDirect and Farm Credit is just smart. It makes my business run.

What is the vision for your farm?

My vision for our farm is similar to my dad’s and grandpa’s – they wanted to see the farm grow to a size that was manageable. My dad wanted to have low to no debt. My brother Jason and I also focus on limiting debt. In the good years we pay things down.

My husband and I have a 4½-year-old daughter. I would love to see her come back here and take over running the farm. I want to leave the farm to the next generation behind me.

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