John L.

"AgDirect has helped us grow our business."

John L.
Fertilizer and Seed Sales and Trucking Services

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Why did you choose a career in agriculture?

When I was growing up I watched my grandfather, dad and uncle work hard to grow this business. They taught me that managing a business means treating your customers with respect, and offering good service and quality products. My brother, cousin and I followed in their footsteps. Today we’re carrying on the family tradition. 

Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

Farmers have gotten bigger so in turn we had to buy bigger equipment to keep up with their needs. That’s what led us to AgDirect. We had to step up to keep pace with farmers and AgDirect helped us do that.

How does AgDirect compare to other financing options?

They offer competitive pricing and they understand our equipment needs. It’s important to me to have local service and somebody that you can put a face and a name to instead of getting somebody that might be out of state.

How has working with AgDirect benefited your business?

I think it’s allowed us to go out and purchase things that maybe we couldn’t have years ago. We can actually get the working capital to not necessarily take risks, but to grow our business and help our local farmer customers. 

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