Mike S.

“AgDirect offers competitive interest rates, good terms and a painless application process.”

Mike S.

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What is your philosophy on ag financing?

Nobody wants to be in debt, but there’s no way to be competitive in my industry without going into debt. You have to go into it with open eyes and you need to have a lender that knows your industry. Pieces of machinery are big ticket items and your lender needs to know what you’re buying and why you need one.

What do you enjoy about doing business with AgDirect?

I’m one of many logging contractors that go to AgDirect for financing. I feel confident working with them because they really know my business and they offer competitive interest rates, good terms and a painless application process.

What keeps you coming back to AgDirect?

As timber harvesting changes over time I’m going to have to keep upgrading machinery and investing in new technology. When new opportunities present themselves, I know I can capitalize on them with help from AgDirect.

What advice do you have for young and beginning producers evaluating an equipment purchase?

Timber contracts are so big, and the equipment is so expensive that it’s almost impossible to break into the business now. I always encourage guys to really educate themselves as much as they can in all aspects of the business. You have to be honest with yourself on how comfortable you are with the technology and tackling a lot of different diagnostic work.

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