Jason and Jarrod

With AgDirect we can take care of everything right at the dealership.

Jason and Jarrod
Grain & Beef Producers

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How did you get started in agriculture?

Our grandfather and dad both farmed and we followed in their footsteps. Neither one of us ever left. We went to high school, came back and have always been here. We grew up where we live now and continue to farm today.

Why do you continue to work with AgDirect?

One of the reasons we like working with AgDirect is we don’t have to go to an office to get our paperwork signed. We can go to one place and take care of everything right at the dealership. It’s very convenient.

What does success look like in your operation?

Success is tough. It’s what everybody strives for, but it’s tough. We both work a job off of the farm to keep doing what we’re doing. We’d both like to have our kids be able to work with us and eventually take over.

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