Steve and Todd

We couldn’t do what we do without AgDirect financing.

Steve and Todd
Grain Producers, Custom Harvesting, Root Shoot Malting

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How has your operation changed or grown?

In 2016, we decided to open a malthouse so that we can supply local grain to breweries and distilleries. That industry is pretty prevalent and growing in Colorado. We’re really starting to focus more on grain quality more than anything. There’s a lot of farmland that’s being depleted or developed, so we’ve shifted gears to being more profitable off less acres.

What does success look like in your operation?

We’re moving away from production ag and more toward value-added crops. It forces you not to take what is given to you in the market, but to make a market for your product, know your numbers and make it profitable.

What do you enjoy most about working with AgDirect?

What we enjoy most about working with AgDirect is ease of use. It seems like they’re always an option when we’re talking with equipment dealers and they have good interest rates and terms. It’s easy to access everything online and their digital tools are pretty valuable because they save us from scanning and faxing paperwork. 

What keeps you working with AgDirect today?

It’s important to work with a lender that can finance multiple types of equipment. It makes life a lot easier when you can get the financing you need at one place and know they have your trust and that you have their trust.

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