Grant C.

"AgDirect takes a lot of the complication out of financing."

Grant C.
Alfalfa, Cotton and Row Crop Producer

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Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

AgDirect offered us a lot of benefits. We found using AgDirect streamlines the financing process and it's allowed us the opportunity to buy a lot of different types of equipment. AgDirect takes a lot of the complication out of financing. They’ve always been able to quickly and effectively pull up our information about different loan programs and talk to us on an informed basis, which saves us time.

What keeps you coming back to AgDirect?

The team at AgDirect is there and ready to go. The continuity that AgDirect offers is great whether I'm buying harvest equipment or a sprayer from one manufacturer or another. That is great for me. I know that the team at AgDirect is behind me; when it comes to equipment financing, they’re ready to go.

What is your philosophy about purchasing and managing equipment?

Managing a fleet of equipment requires a lot of effort and energy to make sure you're buying equipment you can justify. We're always looking at opportunities to streamline that process, vertically integrate and try to capture the small margins that are available. We have to look at every avenue, whether it's buying a new piece of equipment that allows us to capture a little bit more of that margin, or not buying a piece of equipment. Having the information that AgDirect offers gives us that opportunity to do a lot of homework in advance.

How has working with AgDirect benefited you in how you manage your business?

In some cases, we have ended up purchasing equipment so we can handle things in-house and don’t have to rely on custom applicators. A number of years ago, we started looking at purchasing our own spray equipment so we could effectively go out and spray our own crops when we needed. AgDirect helped us start looking at the numbers more closely, and when we went to make the purchase, they were there to finance it.

What do you look forward to most for your farm’s future?

I’d like to see our kids continue to get involved, go to college and get an education, and if they want, the opportunity to come back and work on the farm.  I look forward to integrating new technology into our farm that will allow us to continue to grow, develop and adapt as the world changes.  

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