Dean and Chad

"They know what they’re doing."

Dean and Chad
Beef, Corn, Popcorn & Soybean Producers

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Why do you do business with AgDirect?

Dean – They know what they’re doing – they’re in the business to finance equipment, offer a competitive rate. It’s pretty easy.

What is your philosophy about purchasing equipment?

Chad – We like to buy mostly new equipment, and we like to run that equipment out because we have the ability to work on it and maintain it ourselves. So, we may run a combine for 10 years and we may rebuild it once during that 10 years. But it allows us to use our labor and facilities and gives us a little cheaper cost per acre on that piece of equipment.

Dean -- I think for the last five years we’ve had great interest rates to a point it’s been a good time to buy. Markets are not as good right now, but I think most farmers were able to put some money away and will be able to get through these tougher times.

What is the overall goal for your farm?

Dean – Our goal is to farm and care for the land in the best possible way. We want to continue to improve in efficiency and cost per acre. My hope is that the farm will be here for decades to come. My children and their spouses all work on the farm and I hope one day my grandchildren will as well. It’s a family farm and we hope it always stays that way. 

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