Dave Z.

“I’ve never received such speed and ease of financing.”

Dave Z.
Grain and Beef Producer, Custom Seed Corn Harvester and Custom Sprayer

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How does AgDirect compare to other financing options?

AgDirect works well with the equipment dealers, and it really doesn’t matter what color of equipment. I’m also a Farm Credit customer, and it works well together. My financial officer is easy to have conversations with. He’s good to bounce ideas off of. He’s honest and upfront with me when we’re making business decisions, which happen at the drop of a hat so I need to have him readily available. 

What keeps you coming back to AgDirect?

We’ve purchased a lot of different equipment through AgDirect over the years – from sprayers to seed corn harvestors to farm equipment. AgDirect has made it so easy to finance in a short amount of time with a small amount of paperwork. That’s why we’ve chosen to stick with them.

What do you enjoy about doing business with AgDirect?

While I believe the rates and terms are important, the further along I get in life, I realize the relationships override them. The people at Farm Credit really do care about what we’re doing out here.

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