Travis H.

"With AgDirect, equipment financing is simple. I like simple."

Travis H.
Grain & Hay Producer

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How has your operation changed or grown?

My operation has grown significantly. I used to have cattle, but I’m cutting back on that and concentrating on my crops and hay now. In the last five years, I’ve grown to where I can work full-time on the farm.

What makes AgDirect different from other lenders?

What makes AgDirect different from other lenders is the freedom and flexibility they give you. They were willing to take a leap on a young farmer like me, and that was a big deal in getting my operation started.

What was it like getting started with AgDirect?

Getting started with AgDirect on the financing application process was very simple and easy. I just called my dealer and he handled everything. He called back to let me know I was approved and we signed the paperwork.

What advice would you share with other producers?

For other producers evaluating equipment, I would say talk to your salesmen. If you are looking for another lender, I would definitely recommend AgDirect because the people are very friendly and the process is simple.

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