Randy E.

“I like that AgDirect is linked to Farm Credit.”

Randy E.
Timothy Hay, Grain, Legume and Beef Producer

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Why did you first choose to do business with AgDirect?

We started raising more Timothy-grass hay and bailing it without rain is extremely important for quality in order to meet the stringent export standards. We wanted to add equipment so we could bail the Timothy hay quickly.

The most favorable dealer to buy the baler from was in the Midwest, and AgDirect financing was what the dealer was most familiar with and approved. AgDirect allowed us to purchase a piece of equipment a long way from home and reduce some financial risk by financing it rather than paying cash.

What is it like to work with AgDirect?

Financing a piece of equipment with AgDirect is quite simple. They need standard financial information, and they do their analysis quickly and come back with what they have to offer. We feel we’re getting a personal touch and our particular needs are accounted for. It’s pretty simple.

How do you evaluate if and/or when an equipment purchase is needed?

When analyzing equipment performance, we account for costs for each piece of equipment on an annual basis. Costs include things like financing, repairs and maintenance, labor and fuel. We compare costs to previous years and other pieces of equipment, looking for the least cost per hour.

When deciding to finance, lease or pay cash for a piece of equipment, we run the numbers and see which is going to be the lowest cost. However, you can’t assign a figure to risk. There have been years when I’ve made a purchase, paid for it upfront and then had a couple bad years. I had used a lot of capital and it was difficult to get through the bad years. There is a value to financing to be able to divide costs among a few years to minimize risk.

What is the vision for your farm?

I’m the fourth generation on our farm and there is a strong feeling of family. It’s obvious we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the hard work put in by the generations before us. We keep building upon each generation’s accomplishments, so it’s important to me to run a successful operation and do it in a manner in which we’re preserving the land, which is our number one resource. Once it’s lost or destroyed, you can’t make new land. My boys want to come back and take over, and that’s neat to think my kids want to follow in my footsteps. I want this farm to continue on for generations to come.

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